Brian Kennedy " A Love...

Really enjoyed working on this album of Joni Mitchell songs with Brian. He is a huge fan of hers and it became very obvious as we worked through... Read More

The Germein Sisters

What a great opportunity I was presented with to work with Georgia and her sisters , Clara and Ella . They travelled all the way from Adelaide Australia... Read More

Sharon Corr

What a great experience working on this album with Sharon. She is such a musical person with lots of great ideas and very easy to work with and it was such... Read More

The Corrs

My first involvement with the The Corrs was on the Album "In Blue" which was released in 2000 and went on to sell over 7 million copies. The majority... Read More


A great Band and a lovely bunch of lads !  We had a lot of fun working on their debut album over the last 2 years.  The Band were very open to arrangements... Read More

Brian Kennedy " Voice...

I have just completed Brian's new album entitled " Voice ". It goes on release 8th June. The album consists of Brian's own songs and co-writes... Read More

Ryan Sheridan - Jigsaw

This was a massive airplay hit for Ryan. We recorded it in Stuart Gray’s Jealoustown Studios. Ryan and Artur were total professionals and great... Read More

Miro Smajda

Last Forever which I produced for Slovak artist, Miro Smajda, has just won song of the year at the Zebrik Peujeot Music Awards. This is their... Read More


Myself and Ed O’Leary produced a track called I Won’t Let You Down which appeared on the single Hey Whatever. I Won't Let You Down by Deadeye... Read More

Rooftop Anthem

Brian Kennedy

I Co-Produced this album with Fiachra Trench in 2008. Brian is a consummate professional in the studio . He is very open to trying new ideas... Read More