The Corrs

My first involvement with the The Corrs was on the Album “In Blue” which was released in 2000 and went on to sell over 7 million copies.

The majority of it was recorded in Westland Studios with additional recording at Windmill Lane Studios.

Mutt Lange co wrote and produced 3 tracks for the album of which Breathless became a huge hit worldwide.

The balance of the album was a mix of co- productions between the band, Mitchell Froom, myself, Anto Drennan, John Hughes and Tim Martin.

Working with Mitchell Froom was inspirational to say the least and I know I learnt so much from this experience.

Tim Martin engineered and Mike Shipley mixed.

My involvement continued with the 2004 album “Borrowed Heaven”

Once again, Westland Studios was used for Pre Production and Programming with the project being finished by Olle Romo in Switzerland.