Sharon Corr

I love working with Billy – he is an amazing producer and arranger. He knows how to put you at ease and get the best out of you creatively – musically he is so in tune with your needs and the direction the music and song should take. He has worked with The Corrs for many years and produced my Solo album Dream of You – which was a wonderful experience.
I would more than highly recommend working with Billy – not only musically is it the best approach for you but he’s also just a great guy and lots of fun!

Brian Kennedy

“I’m afraid to say too much about Billy Farrell because he’s a bit of an ” Ireland’s best kept secret Producer” and selfishly I want him all to myself. He’s a fantastic hybrid of musician and technician and one of the greatest producers I’ve EVER worked with. He’s not afraid to push me as a singer amd a writer and he knows exactly what he likes. I feel that I’m a better artist having recorded so much with him and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.”

Georgia Germein. The Germein Sisters.

Billy Farrell is a rare gem when it comes to finding a Producer who is both brilliant at their craft and a delight to work with. His efficiency and dedication to finding the perfect sound ensures professionalism in every recording , while his ear for vocals is truly exceptional. Billy’s collaborative approach, infectiously cheery attitude and immense experience in the industry makes him a crucial partner in any music related project. It was an honour to have Billy produce our debut album ” Because You Breathe “.

Tim Nightingale , Jupe.

Billy Farrell is a visionary. He is able to take what is a simple idea in a rehearsal room and turn it into the finished Production.  The man knows how to make a hit , plain and simple !

Luke Thomas   Rooftop Anthem

Billy Farrell – A true professional!… I have been aware of Billy as a producer and musician for over 10 years now and got the opportunity to work with him in 2012/2013 on an EP release for my band Rooftop Anthem. The EP delivered two Irish hit singles which received very strong airplay in 2013 and there is no question that the success of these songs had a lot to do with Billy. He is a real producer. He listened to our song ideas and really helped craft them into radio hits. Billy has an ear for this and his experience and talent make him one of the “go to” guys in this country…

I have worked with a lot of different producers over the years on some very successful projects but Billy stands out for me for so many reasons. When he takes on a project he genuinely cares about it. He listens , I mean really listens. I will never forget when I sent him a demo of what later turned into the single “Taxicab” he blew me away with the amount of detail he went into in his feedback about the track before we had even started recording ! . Billy brings so much to the table as a producer, song writer, musician and arranger and is an absolute gentleman with the patience of a saint. I have yet to meet another musician on this planet with a more impressive blend of such attributes !

I can’t say enough good things about the guy and I’m currently looking for an excuse to work with him again….